Company history
  ATOS engineering offers over 20 years of experience in high performance motion controllers, measurement equipment and state of the art test and production machines.

Since the introduction of our first CNC controller in 1985, Atos engineering has remained a leading innovator by consistently advancing its product line. Today, our controllers and machines are used worldwide in industries ranging from automotive, laser processing, semiconductor and material handling, textiles, manufacturing and test robots, measurement equipment for water level and flow control in rivers, position control on weirs, bridges and in nuclear plants, heavy industry and others requiring high precision, high throughput and reliable solutions.

Atos engineering offers its customers the most powerful, cost-effective and simple-to-use controllers and machines available today. The full range of products is backed by a superior technical support that can accommodate the most demanding applications.

An overview of our product line and services:
  • Motion controllers include single and multi-axis stand-alone, box-level and card-level controllers. Available interface options include PCI, ISA, CAN, RS232 and Ethernet. Controllers can be supplied with a full range of software libraries, programming tools, CNC and robot control software packages.
  • Quality test equipment for the automotive industry, for seatbelt - , retractor - and buckle testing. Standard machines include laboratory machines for development and COP tests, besides high speed, high accuracy production line test equipment.
  • High precision, heavy duty and extreme reliable sensors with converter modules, displays, remote control units and data-loggers for the measurement of water levels in rivers, streams and channels. Position measurements of valves in weirs, in blast furnaces, rolling mills and foundries. Measurement and control of the inclination in bridges, ship elevators, Ro-Ro terminals. Position measurement in nuclear equipment, Controls of telescopes. Synchro, resolver and synchro-digital converters.
  • Our team of service and applications engineers stands for on-site support and quick response to supply the best solution to your questions regarding electronic, software and mechanical supplies.

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